Questions about eyelash extensions?

Just two questions..
How long do they last before you need a touch up and can you put mascara on them?

Thanks :)


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  • Hey girly!

    I wrote a ton about these in the mho opinion here:

    New fill is about every 3-4 weeks in warmer weather, every 4-6 weeks in cooler weather.
    I pay around $50 for a fill. I COULD negotiate that price downward, but, I don't bother, because my lash girl needs the extra money way more than I do. (:
    I'm in Los Angeles, so, if you're in a second-tier city, you'll almost certainly pay less than that.


    As far as mascara -- I still have mah trusty tube of Better Than Sex... lol. (Although I just got a tube of UD Perversion from influenster, and I like it... HMMM)

    You CAN'T use waterproof mascara (it will clump, and anything that gets it off might weaken or dissolve the glue that holds the extensions on).

    Also, you CAN'T use "tubing" mascara (like Too Faced's Lash Injection).
    The 2 brands I named above are fine -- as are most other mascaras that aren't waterproof or "tubing".

    You won't need a TON of mascara, though... obviously. Light hand, just applied to the very tips of the lashes, is more than enough.


    A couple of other girls here are saying they feel like they'll come off... huh? Maybe they're confusing with the false eyelashes you buy at the drugstore and just wear for a night out?

    GOOD eyelash extensions don't feel like they're gna come off... not at all! Not if they're done right, anyway. You forget they're even there.

    Taking off makeup is pretty much the same, too. You just have to use a water-based MU remover (not oil-based -- because, again, that could weaken or dissolve the glue).


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  • I looove lash extensions! I've had mine continuously for 6 years now and get infills every 3 weeks. Never put mascara over them as it can ruin the glue and removing mascara can put out your natural lashes. You can still wear it on the bottom lashes

    • I have naturally very light coloured eyelashes though :( are they able to dye them or something? I don't want longer versions of the colour of my lashes it's almost red blonde

    • They'll tint them darker before application or with a full set you wouldn't see many of your natural ones

  • How long they last , really depends on where you have them made ☹️️ i tried when it only last for 3 days? And I also needed to put mascara on because they wasn't enough for me if you know what I mean. And I actually informed the one who did these eyelash extension for me, and she said I could not wash my face properbly , and I could not wear anything on my eyes , and when taking shower I could not have water running dowm my face as the extension could not handle this.
    The other time I had them done by another , and the exention were phenomenal !! Very pretty , I did not need any mascara , and I could take shower and wash my face as I like , and the best of all was I did not lose any eyelashes at all compared to the other time were I actually lost a lot ! ☹️️ and of course the last one lasted me over a month without any retouch 😍😍

  • Don't buy cheap ones and they'll last. Also everybody can tell the difference between cheap ones and good quality ones

  • hi, from what i understand you have a full set at a cost of around 40 uk pounds then from around two weeks you will need replacement around 20 pounds as natural lashes will fall out, you should not need mascara only on your natural bottom lashes which they do not do. its an expensive hobby if its long term long you are after i would seriously consider learning to apply your own individual lashes in the long term xx

    • Sadly you can't apply your own last extensions as the eyes have to be closed until the glue has cured. The fumes can be quite strong
      I would be on that like white on rice if you could DIY!! Save so much money

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