Shopping soon for summer clothes and I don't know what to get.

Hello ladies, I have a few questions. I'm gonna go shopping soon for summer clothes and I don't know what to get, I wanna get stylish clothes to attract ladies. But some clothes I can't wear because I'm a big guy 6'6" 250lbs. But I also wanna get some stylish stuff, I can't really wear jeans, can't find the perfect fit for me. If you can post some links from google images that'd be great.

Also, how can I approach girls, I never say or do anything until I know 100% that a girl in interested in me. I'm scared that in her mind she might be thinking "ew get this dude out of here". Basically I need to know how to spit "G". I also wanna get a haircut, just don't know what style, maybe a fohawk or something. And should I get my left ear pierced? last question, what do girls think about baseball caps, like fitted. Thanks a lot! and please HELP me.


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  • You could start with a nice jacket, it will dress up whatever shirt you're wearing underneath and make you look cleaner rather than frumpy like some bigger guys have problems with. I would go for a casual leather one with a nice collar, nothing with those biker studs though and no fur. I'm imagining one in a darker colour.

    Then maybe some nice plain t shirts, black, navy blue, green, and white if you can keep it crisp.

    Follow up with some nice collared shirts that button up. Wear these UNBUTTONED over one of the t shirts that goes well, (not too matchy matchy though), I like it when guys have their sleeves rolled up to a quatre sleeve.

    Then wear the jacket opened up on top.

    This would look best with jeans, I don't know exactly what you look like but if you look in the right places and invest in a good tailor you could do it and it should be worth the trouble to have a few pairs. If you really can't, just avoid corduroy pants and ones that look like snow pants.

    Alternatively, you could just go for some nice slacks in black but you'll have to change the jacket to a more chilled out open blazer.

    This is just my idea, I don't know if it's in your own taste and that's really the most important thing because girls like confidence. You could try and mold it more to your liking maybe?

    Approach girls with literally THE ONLY initial goal of getting to know them first. Don't even have asking her out in mind yet, push it away for the time being if you see a cute girl. Otherwise, she'll be able to tell what it is you REALLY want, trust me. So talk to her with that intention only at first and she won't think "ew, get this dude away from me" I promise. We only think that if we know we're being hit on and we're uninterested. It should move from there and could turn into a flirty friendship that will allow you to have an idea of whether or not her interest has grown and then you can confidently ask her to have coffee.

    Personally I'm not a fan of fohawks but that's just my taste. A piercing would be OK with me if I like him, won't detour me at a first impression. But not a plus either in my case. Baseball caps are alright, It gives off a cute boyish vibe maye avoid bright white ones though lest you look like kfed.


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  • If ur a slim guy get straight leg jeans. If ur a thick guy I would still say jeans. Jeans show a guys body and trust me girls notice. Also you can wear a okay fitted shirt. NO OVER SIZED clothes that is so not hot. Don't perice ur ears its not attractive. Baseball caps hide your face. Plus it can make a guy look like a jerk or rude. Be yourself let insticts be your guide.K

  • maybe


  • It sounds like your trying to be something your not.
    If you don't know what to do with yourself., then just do whatever your comfortable with.
    If the "ladies" don't like you for who you are., then they aren't worth it.


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