While shaving male body hair should it be shaved against the hair growth for best smoothness?

My hairs are quite coarse and dense so even if I trim my whole body closely it isn't that smooth and is infact prickly stubbly to touch.

Shaving it off against the hair growth would be good?


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  • Same as shaving your face - Against the grain gives the smoothest finish


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  • Why are you shaving your body hair? That's a bit odd isn't it, for a guy? Unless you are a transvestite?

    • Where are you living?
      Men do shave and wax EVERYWHERE on their body now a days. Even normal average hairy men do that to look better and nice and what's more the ladies encourage it and love it a lot.

      Plus I do it EVERYWHERE because otherwise I am overly hairy and I have to obviously trim it down so instead of trimming I opt to shave it all off!

    • I've never met a guy who shaved his body, I live in the USA. That would actually be pretty weird, I'm not into girly guys

    • So men around you don't shave the genitals, the chest or maybe the abs and back?
      Well they are lucky enough to be naturally hairless!
      What if a man is SUPER hairy everywhere?

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