Is this true?

I have been told my several people that I haven't been able to attract a guy because of the way I dress... I wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday... nothing special and I wear my hair up because I live in Vegas and well... ITS HOT!... I am just a plain Jane girl... don't really ever wear makeup... only occasionally...and I don't paint my nails or anything because I am a phlebotomist and you can't have nail polish on while working at the hospital.

And then I have been told that because I go to school full time I look and act like I don't have time for a guy... and that makes them avoid me even more... but I don't see how I would be acting like that...

Also... is it true that if you have a couple of guy friends that are gay that that deters guys as well...? I don't know what I could really be doing wrong... I am 20 and have never been asked out... I don't think I am really unattractive or anything... but I am not a beauty queen either... like I said... plain jane... and I mean... I want a guy that will like me for me... not what I look like... just like my first thing when I see a guy is their smile and if they are funny and nice... anywho... yeah... any ideas anyone?


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  • Makeup is overrated anyways. I've always felt girls dress up more for other girls than they do for guys. If your going to school full time they probably said those things because they are jealous. It may be true you are too busy for a guy, but it sounds like you would make time. So they are still wrong. I'm not sure if gay friends would deter a guy, but it shouldn't matter. Don't change anything about yourself. There are plenty of guys you would be the dream girl of out there. You might just need to see the world a little more to meet new people.


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  • well guys are visual. if you wear jeans, t-shirt, no makeup and look as if you don't put in any effort into your looks, and you're competing with girls who do try to look as attractive as the scales will not be tipped in your favor. some guys say they prefer the plain jane type, but they are honestly few and far between. that doesn't mean you have to go all out like a barbie, but try to look pretty

    also if you have gay guy friends and other people don't know they're gay, they might assume that one of them is your man or you like each other

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