Went to the salon to get highlights, it's a disaster?

I have dark brown hair, but today I went to the hair salon and got highlights. It's looks awful!!! They used bleach to lighten the strands and I wanted light brown and dark blonde. The streaks look golden/ginger.
If I put a box dye on my hair will it cover these ginger streaks? If I use a medium brown dye on my hair will it cover the horrible highlights and make them brown, as well as making the natural dark brown a little lighter?
What shall I do 😢

Can someone please help


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  • don't do it at home
    if you use a lighter dye it will probably lighten the rest of your hair as well
    if you use a dark color close to your natural it still won't look like your natural tone and the highlights will be a lighter shade and probably still ginger-ish
    I'd suggest going back to the saloon and asking to get them in a color that matches yours


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  • Go buy a purple shampoo it should take out the brassiness. How much did you pay for this and why didn't you complain?

    • I don't know what to do :( should I simply buy a medium brown box dye to cover the highlights to a brown colour, or shall I try one of these toner products to see if it gets rid of the brassiness as you say? I don't know if that'll work, I don't know

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    • Yeah toner may make the orange highlights go nice but remember I've also got natural dark brown hair surrounding the highlights, and I'm worried it may change the colour of it to something horrible

    • It shouldn't do, just try keep it to the high lights

  • wait a while or else ur hair may become weak

    • No way, my hair looks disgusting. I'm just going to put a medium brown dye on my hair and it probably won't do anything to my natural dark brown colour but it should change the orange highlights to a brown colour, so I'll just try that.

    • at least wait for a weak.

  • Toner. And youtube.

  • Go back and either ask for a refund or have someone do it again.
    Don't accept crying now, when you should be taking this time as soon as possible to get it right.
    You should not have left there unhappy.

    • But I don't want to go back because they'll likely charge me more money to redo it.
      Plus I went for a junior hairdresser because it is half price, but part of the reason it's half price is because you have to take the risk of them not getting it exactly how you want it because they're not seniors. So I don't really think that's an option.

    • Unacceptable!! Take an adult with You, U are entitled to a freebie!! I have been many places like this, friends and family as well, and it's On the house when they screwed up.

  • Go back to the salon and tell them to fix it.

    But dye won't make dark hair lighter, it will make light hair darker. So if you put light bronw dye on your hair it will likely make the golden hair darker and not affect your darker hair much. But really, go back to the salon, if they didn't give you what you asked for then they'll work with you to fix it up. But really, i don't know that it looks awful, it may be that it looks great but just is not what you were expecting.