Just outright unattractive?

So, I've been told multiple times by my "friends" and family that I'm pretty, and a few times by people online (LAWL) .

BUT I've never been told by a guy that I was pretty, so I've a sneaking feeling I'm pity-pretty where people call my pretty out of pity.

Never been approached by a guy, or had a boyfriend, never been kissed blah blah blah.

How to stop being so goddamn fugly? :D


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  • be yourself, be outgoing, don't just wait and expect a guy to like you, be friendly unique and flirtatious. Be a guys friend. We love friends. Be cool to him but make sure he doesn't just accept you as a friend. throw some flirty stuff to him sometime. Yes even guys have a friend zone, but it is easily escaped. most important thing, ---SELF ESTEEM--- don't talk down on your self to a guy or anyone, yes they might comfort you the first and second time and tell you no ur not, but then they get tired of you ragging yourself, even though its not about someone else, its still nagging, thank you.

    tip- don't cuss as much if you do around a guy. if you must, don't drop the f bomb and don't be a hater

    • O.O I generally never discuss things I don't like about myself around dudes- not that I'm around them enough. x_x

      I'm more of a partial cusser. Where I go "FUUUUUUU----NKY MONKEY'S. D:<" Does that count as cussing? :/

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  • wow the first two girls who answered this question have got to be kidding me...you know to me you have that natural beauty going on, something that isn't made in a tanning bed, or clown make-up in bathroom.

    For me I can't (im just nervous, shy whatever you call it) go up to a girl and say that too (although now that I think about it, it sounds ridiculous), but if I could you would definitely be the type of girls (looks wise) that at least I would be interested in.

    • :/ But you don't know what I look like. I could look like a bear-girl and you wouldn't even know itr. xD

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    • Sorry if I offended you I didn't mean to. In general (now this is my opinion) I think girls (and guys) who compare their looks to other, is harder to accept theirs and love who they are. I mean this because you look at the rate of (esp. women) who are having work done, feel too fat, or too ugly. To me the diversity is looks is much better than everyone being amazingly attractive. Again no offense

    • Oh no no! You didn't offend me at all, I know where you're coming from. xD And yeah, I understand that. But I'm stuck between actually really liking my looks and not because of other people. :/ by my self I love my looks, with other people I hate them. x_x

  • You don't need to be pretty anyways. Average looking girls are always sexier.

    • Average? in my opinion avg are the girls who you around on campus and look exactly the same, who you drop your sexual jaw and forget about 3 seconds later. If I saw a girl looking these, and was lucky to have eye contact and a smile, I'm a lot more lucky than most days,

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  • You have to extend out of your current social circle. Different people will see you differenty. Just to let you know, I'm in the same boat as you. The EXACT same thing haha but trust me... chances are that you're the one who is wrong. Put yourself out there, be yourself and try to meet new people. It's the most we can do.

  • Same with me, ugh. So I don't know, I'd like to see the other people's answers for this. :D

    • O_O Looked at your pictures. Darling. You might just be so pretty you're intimidating. xD lol

    • Haha well thanks. ;P But I don't know, my pictures don't even... look like me. :S

  • I haven't ever had a boyfriend or kissed anyone either, but that doesn't mean I'm ugly. I'm sure you're fine d: