Why do women do this when I try and catch eye contact??

Eye contact is very VERY HARD for me to do, but when I actually manage to get eye contact with a woman, they just blankly stare at me then turn away. I don't ever initiate the eye contact, I try and catch them looking, and when I do its just an expressionless stare then they look away.

And with some women they don't look away, they just keep looking with that stupid expressionless face, and I just end up looking away and not looking again because its just awkward.

I don't ever initiate eye contact so why do women do this? It just makes everything awkward. If your interested your supposed to smile or do something right>? Not just sit and look at someone with a clueless look on your face


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  • When you look at them, do you smile? People tend to copy other people's body langauge. Maybe you are also giving them an emotionless face.

  • Sometimes it just because they want to glane at you. Many Woman Don't expect For Them To Do The First Move, You Should Start By Smiling Instead Of Woman Doing It.

    • Really? I always thought women make the first move in terms of showing interest with eye contact/body language/smiling. Then the guy takes that and approaches. When a girl just blankly stares that intimidates me and makes it awkward. And this actually happens a lot in the library - there's no way I could approach anyone in a library

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