Would you go with a light skinned Hispanic girl (4 real looks white) or would you be ashamed to be seen with her?


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  • Weird question ... But since we all know that white color is always attractive, then yea I would date that girl ... though I won't limit myself on her color


    • "We all know?" Overgeneralizing much? Not everyone finds the same skin color attractive.

  • I'm ashamed to read this question, any guy that just judges a girl by the color of her skin is way to shallow, now ask yourself would you really want to be with a guy who's just going to judge you for that, or would actually like to get to know you and then decide if he wants to date you.

    • You may be ashamed to read this but it's true. I've liked guys that thought I was white and didn't like me becasue of that. when that guy that I was hispanic he said no I wasn't. because I didn't look it. I felt so bad

    • Well I'm sorry to hear that, but those guys are shallow, so you're better off anyways.

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