Girls, guys, do you agree that a small run in a pantyhose can sometimes be beautiful?

This is a remarkable finding, but I noticed that sometimes I don't mind when a girl has a run, I even tend to find a small run beautiful. Like this one for example:
Girls, guys, do you agree that a small run in a pantyhose can sometimes be beautiful?
For the really large runs, that's not true... these hose look like they're about to fall apart :-(

Curious to hear if I'm unique in finding this :D

  • Indeed, a small run can be beautiful
  • I don't mind a small run but don't like it
  • Runs are not nice, better to go change
  • Runs are atrocious, get rid of that hose!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I usually jsut keep wearing tights with small holes in them and if somebody points them out, I pretend like it happened on the way :D

    • That sounds like a good plan! To people often point them out - I guess most people would assume the girl would be embarrassed if they told it?
      I told a collegue once she had a run, I knew she had a meeting with some senior managers and guessed she would want to know. She was grateful and went to the room to change.
      But I don't know if I would have told that to 100 girls, how many would have reacted positively :o

Most Helpful Guy

  • When i was in the scouts girls would often wear panty hoses underneath their skirts, they were always torn up from the games we did. It can be hot on the right girl.

    • I agree, though of course I also understand that the girls feel embarrassed when they have a run.
      It may be because we associate pantyhose with runs since girls say they run so easily :o

What Girls Said 4

  • Think of missing a button in your short or holes in your socks. I tend to be really expensive hosiery, so if I get a run, I get really bummed.

    • So sorry to hear that. Maybe it's a little relief that some guys like them (look at the poll) so they may still like your look even with a run :D

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    • Yeah, quality probably has its price but if you feel good in them and they last twice as long as the cheaper ones, they're most probably a good choice :D

  • Not a fan of runs, and given how expensive good hosiery is it's really frustrating how often it happens!

    • Yeah most girls are visibly unhappy when they see one :-(
      Whereas the guys smile and say: look darling, a real run I love it hahahaha!

  • it just looks sloppy :/

    • I can imagine so, girls and guys look at that with a different feeling I think.
      We could easily make a joke about a run with a big smile but generally "oh no" is all that comes back :o

  • Some guys find it attractive but ı feel so bad if ı dont change it

    • Yeah that's why I asked the question, wanted to hear from girls and guys if they'd confirm the myth :D
      So you'd find the nearest room available and bin them?

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    • Oops, and half a night with bare legs was not an option either? :o

    • yeah

What Guys Said 1

  • I am not a fan in pantyhoses in the first place but I think a run makes them look worse.

    • No problem of course, though I'm pleasantly surprise there were some votes in the poll of guys who feel the same as I do.