Why does this happen to me?

Why when I go to close my eyes I see her in my head. We never had an actual relationship but I always see her when I close my eyes and think about her at least everyday... I just don't know why this is happening to me


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  • you like this girl that's obvious...you said you never had an actual relationship with her..what does that mean?did you ever date her, kiss her, fool around, etc.? Either way you obviously like her and that's why you keep thinking about her and she pops up in your mind.if you can try to talk to her.See if she is interested in you and if so ask her out...Let me know what happens by the way :)...Good luck!

    • Sorry late repost..... she finally after a long time told me she has a boyfriend she didn't before, but I guess god likes to work in mysterious ways.... she was probably to good anyways since her parents make 100 k a year and stuff..... oh well her loss not mine :-)

  • Simple. She's actually an alien and has planted a microchip into your brain.


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