Should I dress up for Halloween party?

So my girlfriend invited me to this Halloween party and Im not one for dressing up. i was thinking just going casual but putting on a hockey jersey (just to say im going as a hockey player) But again I dislike dressing up a lot and apparently you need to wear a costume but the jersey is the best I got. Is that okay?


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  • I think it would be fine I was a hockey player for Halloween for like 5 years in a row

    • Did you do anything more with it? or just a jersey?

    • You could always ask your girlfriend for some makeup then put it on your eye so it looks like you have a black eye from a fight

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  • If everyone else is dressing up you're gonna look ridiculously lame

    • Done it throughout my life so I dont mind being underdressed. hey at least I tried

    • No you didn't try :p Trying would consist of you actually planning a well thought out costume.

What Guys Said 2

  • It could work, but maybe you could try dressing up in a suit and sunglasses for a cool men in black look, or try going hippie, I think you got the right start with the jersey, I would just get some pads and hockey pants to go with it

  • If you have a white sheet you can go in a toga

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