What do you think the deal is with men and makeup?

So I have noticed on several occasions men saying that makeup is oh so horrible or they will give horrible makeup tips on what they *think* they want. These same men will look at girls in pornos, mens magazines like maxin, playboy, etc., models on tv, etc. who are completely done up. Then they turn around and tell girls that they must be ugly if they wear more than a bit eye liner or they say its a turn off. Um bitch was it a turn off when you were jacking off to a girl with ten pounds of makeup on a her face a few minutes ago? lol

I think the best thing I've heard *from a guy* is that men don't dislike makeup they don't want their girlfriend wearing it for other people, as it usually (if done well) attracts more male attention and that just increases competitions. so, he said that they don't mind girls getting dolled up for their man but if its out in public with lots of men they don't like it.

a girl told me (and I definitely agree with this) that men don't dislike makeup and the look itself generally (though a few genuinely do) but they either 1) like the natural looking makeup (which definitely doesn't mean "less makeup" as achieving a natural flawless look can take time ) or 2) they simply don't like the idea of makeup. it scares them because somehow, in the amazing logic that is the average male mind, it equates to putting on a mask and if she hides her looks then its a sign that she might be hiding something else and who wants that kind of gf.

What do you ladies (and guys too) think about all of this?

i love makeup btw. I'm very good with it, I watch beauty blogs on youtube, help my friends with it, etc. don't wear it 24/7 but I still love it. :)

btw I'm not saying bare faced is ugly. I think I still look great with absolutely no makeup on and I go on like that most of the time but on weekends or if I'm going out or if I just feel like doing my makeup I do. I just love it as its kind of an art.


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  • I just had a chat about this...

    Here are a few BS sayings I've heard guys say:

    1) I like a girl who doesn't ware make-up.

    What we mean is we like a girl to wear make-up as long as she doesn't look like a clown. Why would be object to you doing things that make our boner harder and our pride / ego bigger when in public so we can show you off? Mask your imperfections, I am A-ok with that.

    2) I don't like a girl with fake boobs

    Okay this is a confusing one, Fake C vs natural C, we'll take the real ones. But A cups vs fake C, we'll take the C cups. I've never met a guy who would turn down fake breast (unless they're the extreme junk).

    3) I don't look at porn.

    Free porn and we're not looking at it to beat off?

    give me a break.

    • You don't look at porn? That is great, because I thought after looking at this site that all guys did that. I myself don't watch it either and don't plan on EVER watching it.

    • I think you misread, all guys do that (85%).

    • Shery you were born in the wrong generation if you want a guy who doesn't look at porn. that is a rare breed of male these days lol

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  • Guys like REAL girls without makeup usually. But if there aren't any real girls around, they sometimes resort to looking at pictures...and those are always made up, as you say.

  • I've never seen a guy say "I hate make up" there's always something else in there like, a lot, hooker, clown, ext. I don't really understand the reasoning behind liking girls in porn to wear make up and regular girls wearing make up. If you want us to just look at you as a sexual object then by all means wear a crap ton of make up and look like a porn star. The only thing I don't like about make up, besides when its piled on, is that you don't really get to see what the girl actually looks like.


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  • they don't know that much about makeup. they don't like mimi from drew carey show's makeup, or a cakeface but if it makes you look good and enhances your beauty they like it. that's why I don't ask guys what they think about makeup because they don't know. that would be like asking me about what kind of transmissions and engines I prefer. I don't know so I can't give an educated answer on the subject.

  • Most men don't know what women look without makeup. I mean without any makeup at all no little touch ups and such, BUT there is a difference between wearing a good amount of makeup and looking like a clown and when men say a girl wears too much she probably wears it like a clown rather than to try to enhance her beauty

    • Agreed. I think they just don't like it when its done badly.

    • Exactly.

      There's a girl who I pass regularly and every time I see her I think to myself "jesus christ, too much."

      Like those riod rage muscle heads "okay, we get it."