How do I get over feeling inadequate?

I feel inadequate and inferior to everyone else. I feel like all of my peers are way better than me in terms of looks, social ability, jobs, athleticism, etc. I feel like no girl would ever want anything to do with me. I constantly feel like everyone's judging me and deeming me a failure. Anyone have any advice how to get over this?


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  • First all poor me attitude will get you now where at all. Your as good as you make yourself look, "oh I don't look like them I shouldnt even try" will make it true everything you say will come true if you don't try, there are up and downs, bad and good days it doesn't always rain on a sunny day. Find what your good at and do it don't accept a steriotypes don't accept things cause its a norm or through conformity. A desperate guy is an unattractive guy, try sublty. Don't ask a girl out after a short time of just meeting them be like " I like you we should hang out more often " let them come to you. Use products to make you more attractive wear flattering clothing to you body, lose a few pounds if overweight go to the guy if scrawny you can do so much its just the effort you want to put into it, as much as you try is as much as you'll get


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  • Set some goals and work to achieve them. Personal goals.

    If you want to get fit, start going to the gym and follow it.

    Musical instrument? Start taking lessons and get on it.

    Or anything else you think you're interested in.

    As you start achieving these personal goals your sense of worth will increase.

  • I'm just going to skip the whole 'learn to like yourself for who you are' or 'there will always be people better than you at something' bullsh*t and say what helped me:

    Hit the gym. Hard. I don't want to sound like a meat-head but exercise is a real mood booster and getting into better shape SERIOUSLY helps your self esteem. You will look better and you will feel better and you will become more confident. The benefits of good fitness will manifest themselves in every other aspect of your life.