I met a cute guy and I need advice!

OK, so I live in Spain: Seville, and here we have April fair, which is real fun because people dress up in flamenco dresses, dance sevillanas and drink, eat a lot and go up in rides, fast fun rides! Oh, and no school for one week is the best bit! hahaha, anyway, getting off track here lol.

Yesterday, I got together with some friends and one guys friend came along, a guy I didn't know. He was so cute and also real nice, the prob is that my bff also kinda likes him and its hard to tell who he likes because he is friendly to both of us, looks at both of us and puts his arm around both of us! My friend is real cute but I think I'm pretty good looking too :P so, I don't know what to do, my bff and I have decided to just leave it up to him to decide, ya know? The thing is my bff has ANOTHER crush who is crazy about her. they have been like this for about a year and its really infuriating because they like each other but are always too chicken to go out. They only "sign" I got from this guy is that he asked me fr my number and didn't ask my bff, but he could have just forgotten right? Advice about the guy we both like? LOL! =)


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  • That's pretty awesome and you need to approach him with it let him know