Do you have to be the best looking woman a guy can get to keep his interest?

It seems like there is no way to hold a guy's interest unless he has no other options or that he couldn't get anyone better looking...


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  • Looks are only one aspect of what we go for. Looks are nothing without a good personality to go with it. Most guys have an acceptable range of attractiveness that they prefer. If a guy has a choice between two girls and both have equally good personalities, then the guy will only logically go for the more attractive one. But keep in mind that every guy has different ideas of what is attractive.

    The same rule applies for women too. If you had your choice between two different guys who had equally good personalities, you would choose the one who looks like Brad Pitt over the guy who looks like Jonah Hill.

    The fact is that both sexes make judgments about looks. Both personality and looks factor in. If a guy has a choice between a hot girl who is an high maintenance, miserable bitch, and a a tomboyish, cute girl who is a lot of fun and makes him feel good, he'll pick the fun cute girls over the hot bitch any day.

    • I agree...females reach a point where they feel a connection with a specific guy based on chemistry and personality. It doesn't seem like guys do that, but rather are always looking for the upgrade, like with gadgets and other toys they love so much.

    • Is not so much that we're always looking for an upgrade, we're always looking for what we think will make us happy. If were with a girl and we're reasonably happy we'll stay with her, but if another girl comes along that seems like she would make us happier then we'll "jump ship".

      It all comes down to a cost benefit analysis.

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  • looks are a big deal when you're initially trying to snag the guy yes. but once you're you've already drawn him in, they are NOT in any way a part of KEEPING him interested. they're only a factor during the initial approach phase of the relationship. beyond that its all personality and what's on the inside that KEEPS his interested.

    • If that was true, what of all the guys ditching their wives for younger gals or constantly complaining if she gains 10 lbs? (even if he's gained 20)

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    • I've seen it in real life...many times over. The ditching for someone much younger only a few times, but the bitching and having affairs while blaming her for them MANY times over.

    • The having affairs I've seen women do quite as much. Trust me.

  • No. You have to have a good personality, intelligence, common interests, and be able to communicate to keep a guys interest. Looks bait us, the rest catches us.

  • for the most part guys usually go after whose the hottest. its really sad. a few guys look deeper and care about the personality as much as the looks. ill admit a girl has to be attractive for me to want to be with her. but she has to have a great personality for me to stay.


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