What is an excessive hairy man according to you and what's the solution for him?

It's not fun being an excessive hairy man and its not as easy as it seems to other normal people who aren't suffering from it.

What's an excessive hairy man according to you and what's the best solution?


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  • Best Solution. Put him in either the zoo or circus! lol

    • Umm
      What's excess hairy man in your opinion anyway?
      And please don't be so mean and don't joke. You don't even know how it feels to O be such a man

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    • Equally hairy women
      Women aren't so fur laden

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • I'm curious too... Do you girls like hairy guys? If you do, to what extend?

    • Mate they don't like it
      Are you very hairy?

    • somewhat, I would not mind shaving if my girlfriend wanted it. THanks for the mhg, have a great week

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  • i don't like a lot of hair, sorry but why don't you just wax? i say wax because it's better than shaving. the hair will grow back thinner and not as often as shaving and you will also kill the hair follicle so that strand of hair might not even grow back

    • Waxing chest and stomach isn't great as well
      It's painful to wax and then the ingrowns are itchy and very painful

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    • if you want to be smooth then waxing or laser hair removal is your only option. If you want to be stubble all over one day after you shave then that's your choice but is it worth it?

    • I have tried shaving it's hell seriously hell after one day especially on the belly region.
      It's so itchy reddish and has some ingrowns.
      It's stubbly and prickly as hell.
      If I had a girlfriend I bet she would hate to touch me if I shaved especially because my hairs are pretty coarse and thick dense.
      I tried waxing it was HELL pain because my hairs are very coarse and dense as I already said!
      The regrowth was so so itchy and I got ingrowns.
      All I do is trim with beard trimmer but that's not smooth option
      I am cursed till my death

  • best solution is to find someone who likes hairy men and be okay with how you are

    • That's not practical

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    • So don't the male models actors , swmers and most men at the beach turn you on Because most of them are almost hairless anyway.
      Even hairy shoulders back and butt doesn't phase you out?
      Do other women around you feel the same

    • Glad to know some women like very hairy men. Maybe it's because you are Turkish and Turk men are very hairy?

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