Girls, Is thong underwear popular in your country?

Hello I live in Essex in England and because of the fashion here we are all pressured into wearing thongs from a young age.

What country do you live in?
What age do girls start wearing thongs?
Do you think fashion has a impact on how many girls wear them?
If not what type of underwear is most popular in teens?


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  • Like 14-15 years old. At my dance show, we were all changing in the same room and 5/8 girls had thongs.. (I included myself in the 8 girls) I know in my class there's about 10 girls (we're an all girls school) out 31 with thongs! I don't even know why people absolutely have to follow fashion. I mean underwears.. nobody is gonna reject you just because you wear pink panties that can't even be seen.

    • It's out of control haha!!
      I used to play volleyball at school and had to wear them for that 😟 wedgie all day
      But after a while other knickers feel weird soso you get stuck on thongs 😄

    • Ohh! Well I guess it all depends with comfort!

  • I don't know
    I don't really hear much about it
    In my previous high school, thong was associated with girls who sleeps around

    but that was the last time I think I heard about thongs lol

    • I am in U>S
      I don't know
      nope, I don't associate thong with fashion.

      The normal ones.
      It's just underwear lol, no one is going to see them.

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