PLEASE help me fix my face! What kind of face wash and moisturizer do you recommend for oily skin?

I've always got whatever sounds nice, but recently I've been breaking out a lot (a few big breakouts, but mostly a bunch of really small ones everywhere) and I think it's time to actually try.

I'm clueless about beauty products but in my online research I've read that toners might be good. Is that true?

Sorry to bring this question here, but other places online are just trying to sell me their products and I want real recommendations.


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  • I use the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser

    combined with a exfoliating wash.

    In my experience toners suck at controlling excess oil because at first they remove all oils but after a while, in order to compensate, your skin starts producing even more oil.


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  • Unfortunately I think that in your country there are probably many better beauty companies than in mine, so I can just recommend something from Eucerin, but maybe someone else has a better recommendation :/

    However, I'd like to share one homemade recipe for a mask that can help you 'dry' your skin a bit but in a natural way. I have mixed skin with a problematic T-zone and it helps me make it softer. Buy green clay powder (usually it's cheap), put a tablespoon or two of that, a teaspoon of sour cream and a teaspoon of honey (you can use more ingredients if you want your neck covered), mix it and apply to skin. It should have a thick sticky texture. Wait until it's dry and wash with water. Believe me, it's the only mask I use for years and I will never go back to any beauty mask, because it really gets the job done :)

    • That is intriguing. I'll see if I can find green clay powder!

    • At least it can't do any damage since it natural :) don't expect it to do some exceptional magic, but if you apply it weekly i think it could be an additional care to your everyday routine and prevent your skin from being so oily :)

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  • Look up the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) that works great for me and is very inexpensive. It might sound really weird but it works. And the cosmetic companies dont want people to know about it.


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