Why do skinny/straight leg jeans have a loose waist?

They are tight in the thigh and legs but still loose in the waist where I need a belt. Does everyone have this problem?

Where's the skinny jean wearers 😊


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  • Yeah I notice this to with a lot of skinny jeans its very annoying. Go for a jean material and get a size smaller than what you wear. I find this happening when I wear jeggings a lot. Its very annoying omg.

    • If I go smaller I can't fit my legs in lol

  • I need a belt for almost every pair of jeans I own. It's hard to find something that isn't high water and still stays up.

    • What kind of brand belt do you use and is this for skinny jeans?

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    • I have the same build so I know how you feel! I get jeans from American eagle and belts also from that and h&m plenty of great style choices

    • I'll have to try that out!

  • Ahh... why are guys wearing such tight clothes these days!

    • The waist isn't tight. For thin framed guys baggy jeans look worse

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