Makeup Help/Hacks?(Brows, Face, etc)?

(1) So for my eyebrows, obviously it hurts when I tweeze the out of place hairs, but does anyone know a hack to numb them? or at least make the pain a little less painful? lol
(2) I use the pro-matte foundation (by l'oreal I believe) and usually only on my forehead it looks dry, like skin is peeling off but I use moisturizing lotion all the time, even before I put my primer on. What can I do so my forehead won't look so dry?
(3) I need help on new drug store products, like mascara (to get your eyelashes to look long), eyeliner (gel & liquid), contour, highlighter, etc.


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  • Tweeze your eyebrows after having a hot shower, the steam opens up pores

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