Would you still find a guy attractive if he had acne scars?

What if a guy had good bone structure, and an otherwise good-looking face. But had scars like these on his cheeks



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  • my boy friend has acne but I really don't mind sometimes it bothers me when his face touches mine but I really don't think that is the problem to me you just haven't found a girl that is your tipe that likes you the way you are probobly if you work on your body figure that will help you get more girls attention

    • It's not acne, it's scars. Look at that picture link I provided :)

    • I don't see a link and there is no pic in you name or anything sorry

    • Below my question it says "link"

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  • The sexiest thing about a man is his personality. If a girl can't see past a few scars, then they're not right for you and they have some growing up to do. Smile a lot, if you believe it's a problem, then others will believe that too. Be happy with yourself and before you know it, you'll have to bat the ladies away.

  • The most attractive thing in a guy I think is his personality!


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