Is the average person from the gender of your choice attractive or nah?

I like women. I feel like if I go outside and see 100 women where I live, I will easily find 50 or more of them as attractive to some degree.

However, I get the feeling that when it comes to men, your average guy is actually just ugly, and a smaller percentage of men are actually attractive to women.

And thus, I created this poll to see what people think.

  • 25% or less of men are attractive
  • 50% of men are attractive
  • 75%+ of men are attractive
  • 25% or less of women are attractive
  • 50% of women are attractive
  • 75%+ of women are attractive
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Wish this shit would get more votes!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm bisexual so I find a large percentage of people attractive, by the law of averages. But if we're just talking guys, my preference is older men (quite a bit older) so usually quite a lot of older guys I see tend to fall into the category of hot.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes it's true. Women consider 80% of the male populace below average. Of the men in 20% about 6% are considered average by women and 14% considered above average by women.

    Women prefer men above 6'0" for height and only 18% of total male population is able to live up to this goal.

    So in short yes. Women do not find most men physically attractive which is why yo will rarely see a woman going on a guy's facebook profile and calling him hot or liking his pic. Women are most often with men for provider, entertainment abilities, and the feelings they give them but actual physical attraction is not really there.

    This is why we have a small subset of men who get lots of casual sex while the rest of men do not. This is why we hear women complain "all men want is sex". What they really mean is the guy who they are physically attracted towards want sex and they are bummed when they get played and don't get that commitment.

    In addition, men who women are physical attracted to often don't have to pay for sex. With apps like tinder they just need to say "come over to my place and chill?'" and he'll be balls deep in the girl in 30 minutes. Now, some girls don't want these guys to think their hoes and will hold off sex and play hard to get for a bit but will give up the sex much faster than they would the average guy.

    • I would think this should give men hope. Women HAVE to settle for a guy who is ugly =D

    • Settling is very bad. Physical attraction is directly link to frequency of sex. If a woman isn't that attracted to you then sex becomes infrequent and treated more as a duty sex she does to help fulfill your urges.

      Eventually many women get depressed having to look at a guy who they don't really love and divorce rape them. Hence, 75-80% of all divorces are initiated by women. For the ones who stay it is quite possible the man could end up in sexless marriage.

What Girls Said 6

  • I would say about 30% of women are attractive and about 5-10% of men are attractive.
    And like 5% of women and less than 1% of men I'd consider "damnnnn" head turners.

    The rest aren't ugly, but they're about average. Like 50-70% are average. And the remaining are unattractive or ugly.

    • I'd say less than 30% of women are actually attractive. Furthermore, attractive guys stay attractive for longer (men's features age slower). I'd say more like 10% of women are attractive. Maybe less (I'm talking the full package).

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    • @ITryEveryday yes, pretty much that. But that's hard to find, especially if I also want to like him more than anyone else. It's either only one.

    • Then you work on it. Nothing is ever perfect.

  • As someone attracted to both genders, I would agree actually. I find most girls at least somewhat attractive or average. But only a handful of men truly attractive.

  • I rarely find guys in Canada attractive as a whole

  • Well, it depends on so several things.

    Are we in the gym or wal mart?
    Are we only considering people in our preferred age range?
    What does "attractive" even mean?
    - That person isn't hideous
    - I'd sleep with him if I liked his personality too
    - That person looks like a model
    - Holy shit! Stop traffic!!

    Statistically, most people would be average or it's not the average.

  • No... They're average. Hot guys are hot, average guys are the average so they're just meh... Nothing special and not hideous

  • Yeah I rarely see guys I find attractive but see good looking girls all the time and I'm straight.


What Guys Said 3

  • Average woman are not attractive to me, hence being lumped into average.

    I would call 20% of women attractive at most once you actually see them up close. From behind and far away every girl who is in-shape looks nice.

    • If we remove makeup how many men would consider them attractive?

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    • Truly beautiful and attractive are two different things

    • @kaazsz Yeah, or just different standards. In a massive city I see very few people who I even find attractive, but in a small town I might only be exposed to a small sample of girls.

  • Yeah - I think an average woman would be attractive

  • Interesting.