Hey, I want to start dating.

a lot woman think I am after there sex money look's what do I do to keep woman from thinking this way.


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  • Nothing. You cannot control their minds and their paranoia is their own; unless you only go after rich, beautiful women odds are that you're not at fault by patternwork.

    • How do you keep from being that way in yourself

  • Show her that you care for her. Take her some place interesting and don't try to rush sex or physical activity this will actualy work out better.

    • This is very true!!! When a guy pushes or tries to take things to far to fast and dsnt get the warning signs that there not ready...the first thing a girl'll think is that's all there after!!! Sex!!! That they dnt care about me at all!!! So yeah he hit it dead on!!! :)

    • Thanks lol