Stupid and Beautiful or Brilliant and Plain?

Would you rather have a child who was dumb, but beautiful, or smart, but plain? I was thinking about this the other day- a friend asked me- and my immediate reaction is, of course, Brilliant and Plain. But I kept thinking about it and I found that I was unsure of myself. Certainly, the Brilliant but Plain idea is nice (inner beauty and all that jazz), but how valued are brains? In defense of the Beautiful but Stupid idea, I kept thinking of the character Daisy, the intolerable ditz of a character from The Great Gatsby. Daisy herself gives birth to a daughter, and upon learning that her child is female, sobs that she hopes the she "grows up to be a fool- a beautiful little fool, because that's all she can hope to be in this world".

granted, the situation was rather extreme (oh, literary drama!) but it made me wonder-

so what do you think? Would you rather have a child that is stupid, beautiful, smart, or plain?


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  • Well "plain" girls can become more attractive so I'll go for brains.

    And how valued are brains? Gee whiz, let me think. I like girls who can talk about interesting things, and ones who can get decent jobs. Do I like dumb girls? Nope. Even if they're hot, I really can't stand them.


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  • Intelligence and wisdom is more important than looks. A child born with these qualities is much more likely to see the world more and contribute to it, no? Smart people also know how to take care of themselves better and hopefully, be healthier too. "Dumb" people are more likely to do "dumb stuff" such as getting wasted or do crystal meth, or possibly earn a Darwin Award.


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  • Smart and plain. Clothing, makeup and hair can make a huge difference. However, if someone is born stupid, they'll always be stupid. =)