Do you remember when you were drunk???

I was on a walk the other day and I met this really cute nice guy.he told me he was drunk but we talked for a while.we never got each other's #'s or anything he just showed me his house.later he had to go home so we just said bye and whatever.i went on another walk today and I saw him.he looked at me kinda funny like he might have recognized me but he didn't say anything.although my little sister was with me the second time and I was alone the first time we you think he remembered me or not?-or was he just scared to say anything cause my little sister was with me?


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  • Ok there are two possibilities if he was drunk when you first met him. Option A he was so drunk that he didn't remember that much at all but may have remembered your face but not what you guys did. Or option B he did remember you but was embarrassed about being drunk when he first met you. Those are the two things that I can think of off the top of my head. Wish I could help out more and good luck.


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