Are there any attractive girls?

That like anime, the only girls I know that watch it. well to be nice about it, I wouldn't exactly call them attractive.


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  • idk if you would find me attractive, but I don't watch it myself

    lets be real, most guys who watch anime and sh*t like that aren't attractive either, its almost as bad as dungeons and dragons

    • Maybe the ones who are obsessed over anime, but when it comes to guys, I know guys which a lot of girls would find hott as hell, like some anime, for instance, how many guys when they were younger watched either dragonball Z or pokemon. both of which are anime.

  • Yes. One of my friends watches it and she very attractive. Very asian looking though. She's into the whole j rocker style. And not to be mean, but I've never ever heard of or seen a good looking guy who likes anime.


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