After marks of acne?

How do you get rid of the marks on your face because of the picking of acne?

I have an example posted (Google) but accurate to what mine looks like.

How do I get rid of it by summer!?! AHHH!

Acne Example (Google)
It won't show up /:< but here -- link</a>


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  • i'm sorry to tell you, but nothing you use is going to erase those hyperpigmentation marks in just 3 months.

    but there are things that work, they just take more time. Retin-A works wonders for post acne marks, but you'll have to go to a derm and get it perscribed to you.

    In the mean time, you can always invest in a kick ass concealer and foundation and hide them. And stop picking, I feel like a hypocrite telling you this, because I have a HUGE problem doing it (I use Retin-A, for those same reasons). I've been getting a lot better, because I keep my fingernails short so I can't pop anything, and try not looking in the mirrior for long periods of times, so I don't get

    But if you must pop; I would suggest getting one of those blackhead extracter or pimple popping tools from your local drugstore, they shouldnt be too expensive, like $6 tops. Or using two q-tips so you don't scratch your face and leave a scar.

    I hope I helped:)

  • Shea butter might work. It may not take it completely away, but it's worth a shot...