Hide my forehead + eyebrows Idea?

I am growing my eyebrows out because I ruined them. I have been growing them out for a week and they look terrible, the shape is terrible plus there's sticky hairs everywhere. It just does not look good. I have been wearing a hat this entire time but now my entire forehead is full of acne... please help me!!!


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  • If you cover your forehead with anything, it will get acne - especially if you sweat with it on.

    Get medication or cream to put on while you are at home, and make sure you leave it off while you are in the house.

    Plus, if your forehead is covered whenever you leave the house, why should it matter that it has acne? Nobody will see it.


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  • Have you been touching your eye brows manually? Acne is fine. Nobody is going to care about that. Everyone goes through some kind of acne. Even I have them now, and I never had them growing up as a teenager. Only after 20. Stay away from products that are ruff for your skin. And that includes junk food. It will clog up your pores. Let your eye brows grow on it's own. And if you ever decide to get them shaped, go to a professional salon to get that done. Or ask somebody to help you like your mom.

    • I never eat junk food but I'll try to wait until they're fully grown until I touch em, thank you :)

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