Girls, Ladies would you say yes or no to this situation?

Okay let's say you made a bet with a guy while you two were hanging out and you lost the bet. If you had won the bet the guy had to do anything you requested but you lost so you had to do as he requested. Let's say he asked you to give him a lap dance under a black light or a red light, in his apartment, to the song of his choosing, would you agree?

shit I mean the way I see it is you must be pretty special in his eyes if he's requesting lap dances😌 What's there really to be ashamed of

  • I would give the Lap dance
    40% (4)
  • I wouldn't do it.
    60% (6)
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  • No wouldn't do it

  • No, I wouldn't agree.

    • Can I ask why?

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    • Even if the guy was "hot"

    • Hahaha I meant handsome, attractive, interesting, delicious, breath taking. Haha I'm sure you get the hint sorry for the childish word play lol... I could sense it through your response😊

  • Lmfao giving a lap dance doesn't make you special haha.

    • Lol I mean u misunderstand.. If I liked you... And I thought you were beautiful as well as sexy, it would make me sooo happy to see you Slowly dance your way over to me as I sit in the chair... You'd be under a red light and I'd have a smog machine and a drink in my apartment, lol I have weird taste in music though... Right now I'd really like a lap dance to this song 🤗https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=pc0vmJkhoy0