LIES!!!!! You girls say that they look for more personality in men than appearance!

You girls say that they look for more personality in men than appearance!

You all are just being too nice and don't wish to hurt our feeling. Guess what? We are hurt even more and stop showing that disgusting sympathy acts.

The world is never fair! arrrhhhhhhh!

You only need money or appearance to win girls! For the unfortunately boy, listen to me! work hard and play girls ! They deserve to feel our sadness !


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  • That's not very fair, but then, as you said, "the world is never fair." Not all women are shallow and coldhearted, just as not all men are sex driven pigs. I for one have fallen in love when I have never even seen the person's face (internet communications). There are nice girls out there. They are just much harder to find. They aren't (usually) the girls who go to bars or to clubs, who wear lots of make up and tight clothing - they aren't the ones you will notice first. Perhaps you have been looking in the wrong places. Also, in order to find a woman who does not care about appearances or money, you may have to lower your standards yourself - the street goes both ways.

    Good luck - hope you find that special some one that makes you change your mind about everything you once believed - it's amazing when you do.

    • I heard this many times!!!! I don't understand why my friends could be so easy and popular with girls. Me on the other hand, just suck purely !!!!

      Sigh!!!!! Appearance (such as handsome and height are definitely very important if you even wish a girl to come and speak with you ) !!!!

      That's my thoughts anyway + I am not looking for the hottest just someone who is caring and (above average looking MAYBE??)

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    • Because those guys have looks and money, and only get for women who are after looks and money. There are plenty of women who would (and I'm sure, that already did) reject your friends.

      If you're competing with more attractive guys, then your goal is to make your awesome personality known. If your personality is bad, then you will have no luck finding a GOOD relationship.

    • ^____^ +1 killfest.

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  • wow some chick has deffo done a number on you hun!

    but I disagree with you on 1 thing not every woman goes for looks and money in a man! and I'm one of them

    when I look for a partner I don't look at his bank balance I look at his personality that is what attracts me to any man yes there has to be some attraction but it's not the main thing for me and you can either believe that are not but I'm telling the truth.

    and example you go out to a bar and meet 2 woman the first is drop dead georgus has the perfect body has the money the bling etc etc but has no personality there is no spark apart form her looks.

    then there is woman number 2 she is average looking average body hasn't got all the money are the bling but has a personality that gives you that spark also who do you choose to go for.

    it's not just men who think like you women do also but at the same time who are you to say that woman deserve to feel the same saddness as you not every woman is as shallow as the one that has done that number on you.

    i wish you well

    • Why keep showing sympathy ?? WHY?? Just speak the truth !!! If you meet two guys at first sight, one is handsome and one is not handsome, who will you choose?? THE HANDSOME to speak with !!!! EXACTLY !!!!!! HAHAH


    • Like I said before I disagree with because I'm not like those other girls I don't go for someone purley for there looks I'm not shallow like I said you could meet someone who has it all then meet somone who doesn't and if there is no personality then there is no attraction for me believe it are don't that's ur choice. you can't tar all woman with the same brush just like we can't with men!!

  • Listen I don't know what bitch has hurt you but not all girls are like that. I can tell someone broke your heart but you need to get over it, and look for the right girl. Any guys reading this answer do NOT listen to his stupid advice because what you give your gonna get. If you 'play girls' there going to play you right back.

    • I am not hurted !!!!!! I am not that stupid.

    • Also Guys!!!!! LISTEN to me ...... don't be nice !!!! Girls will appreciate that but only as a friend as you act likea WUSS!!! Don't care about them that much, regain your manhood and let them try to impress you!!! Be the chooser rather than being choosed!!!

    • I am not hurted? really does that sound right to you, and smart people can get hurt to, it's your heart not your brain, and that was the stupiest advice I've ever heard, no girls are ever going to date you if you think like that. EVER.

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