Guys, When did you last have your collar size measured?

were you surprised at the circumference of your neck?


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  • I've always had a big neck, but I sort of have a big head. Whenever I would get measured at department stores when I was younger, I'd always get the "Oh, are you a football player?" No... I'm just a poorly coordinated male who lifts lots of weights because I figure I can't trip so long as I'm sitting or lying down.

    • what size is your neck? do you normally avoid wearing a tie?

    • I'm a 19.5 neck. I do wish my neck and chest were smaller because then I could buy more off-the-rack clothes (it looks like the the sweet spot is 15-16.5) instead of getting everything custom and tailored. I do avoid ties. Luckily, I feel that ties are sort of passe and it's all about the close cut dress shirt and sport coat.

    • my neck is quite long and muscular as you can see from my profile picture its 16" so shirt fit well for me

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  • The last time I had to buy a dress shirt.
    No not surprised, it's been pretty consistent for a while now.