What are my chances with a beautiful girl? an "Alpha-female" lol?

I'm about 6' tall... I'm not a tremendously well-built guy. I'm pretty thin looking, but I used to be heavier/chubby. I have a little bit of a gut still left from those days. It's not bad, but not what I'd call great either. I also have a double chin (this is somewhat hereditary however). So I'm a bit softer, I don't have huge muscular arms either...

Despite all that, I get compliments from time to time that I'm very handsome/a good looking guy, etc. So that makes me feel a little better. I'm nice, talented, athletic, get along with just about anyone... I guess my confidence isn't all there tho. I'm not a guy to lead on girls, and I'd never cheat on anyone either. I just want to find a great girl...

But a great girl is the whole package... Smart, nice, charming, and beautiful... I'd love to meet one that could feel the same about me as I would for her. I've never had a girlfriend and I'm approaching 20 years old. But I'd love to find a girl that had a great figure too, slim, but curvy... well-endowed... and had a personality and heart to match. I'm starting to wonder if there are girls out there like that... Maybe if I wait a few years? Any girl I've come across right now that's like that seems to only be out for a good time, and they come off as very immature and selfish too. And they only want a guy that's the "life of the party"... I'm not too into partying tho either... I'd say I'm mature for my age as well...

But as I get older, I just want to know that I can still be happy too, and as I start to look for a girlfriend, I want to know if my standards are set too high... I think if a girl got to know me, she'd maybe look past my exterior and she'd see a wonderful person. But I'm also trying to better myself and my appearance/confidence in the meantime...

Basically, I don't want to sound full of myself or anything, but I know I'm a great guy, with good intentions, and I just want to know if I'm desirable enough to some of the more prettier girls out there. I have had very beautiful female friends, but I've not been interested in them, or they haven't been interested in me, for whatever reasons...

I want to be the best man I can be tho, and I'm not there yet, but that's what I shoot for, and I want a great girl to match! :)


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  • I don"t know if I'm anything like your dream girl, but your description of yourself reminds me of my boyfreind. He's a great guy, has the same physical traits as you (although he's not thin, but that's what I love) and the same ambitions and morals.

    I just want to say that there are girls out there who will be attracted to you, and many will fall in love with you. Just trust yourself and your future.


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  • Your young, you sound mature for your age. A lot of girls aren't into the immature party animals that are going to screw them over the first chance they get. Just be yourself and give it some time, she'll come.

  • Believe it or not, while looks are very important to a lot of people, they don't matter to all people. Some will, as you have already said, look past the exterior and into WHO you are. Looks don't define who you are, but it's truly as has been said what's on the inside that counts. Your chances are what you make it. Go for the gold!