Is physical attractiveness (handsomeness/beauty) a masculine, feminine or unisex trait?

I've heard people say that if a guy is physically attractive (handsome and has aesthetics), he is too feminine. They mean that men have to be ugly in order to be masculine. I disagree because I've been called handsome and masculine. I want to know what everyone else thinks.

  • It's a masculine trait
  • It's a feminine trait
  • It's a unisex trait
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Can a man look masculine and be physically attractive to women?


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  • Men and women are attracted to different things. Women are attracted to strong testosterone related traits, muscles, sharp jaw line, facial hair, broad shoulders, etc. Men are attracted to pretty estrogen related traits, long hair, smooth skin, breasts, small curvy figure, wide hips, etc.


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  • What? I've never heard that. Hot is hot. I mean, yeah, people have different ideas of what they find attractive. Someone might like a clean cut suave dude while another like a burly bearded lumberjack type. Different types of hot but still hot.


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  • Girls are physically Wow, so Feminine there.
    Girls aren't attracted to males based on looks so much as - often subconsciously - money, so still Feminine.
    When girls find guys attractive, its the Feminine looks that they find attractive (except while ovulating).
    Therefore if I had to pick one, physical beauty is feminine.
    'A mans genitals look like some sort of deep-sea fish thats eaten its own face' - Dylan Moran.

    90s Pierce Brosnan excepted - Im straight but wtf...

  • That shit doesn't even make sense in the RW.
    You facial looks are not indicative of you masculinity or femininity.
    It's just genes and shit.

  • It's definitely a rare, unisex trait.

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