Locking eye contact with girls while walking around campus.

A few weeks ago I was playing a little game with myself where I tried to make eye contact with as many girls as I could without breaking it, waiting until they away first. To my surprise, a lot of girls (probably 30%) that I don't know would hold eye contact with me for 6 or 7 seconds and I would be the one to first look away when we got close to passing each other.

Their expressions were pretty hard to read (for the most part it looked pretty neutral to me, of course as a male it's harder for me to read physical emotional cues like this) but, would this be in general a good indication that they want me to stop them with a "Hello, I'd really like to get to know you," or "You've got a really great energy about you!" or is it nothing like that?


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  • Extended eye contact, like the 6 to 7 second period you've been seeing is a good sign. It's usually either a sign of intrigue, like "why is he staring at me?", or a sign of interest, like "who is this guy?". Being able to maintain eye contact is a very strong indicator of confidence, especially if you can lock eyes with girls you find attractive for that long.

    Over time, especially if you continue this exercise you'll get much better at reading nonverbal cues and start to recognize when a girl's merely holding eye contact or there's something more behind it. Generally if she locks eyes with you and then looks down she's submitting to your future advance, if she looks up she's not interested, and if she looks to the side it's indifference. The lines you've got are perfect for breaking the ice.


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  • was this a game or were you trying to get someone to talk to you? Id suggest trying no to stare as much and say a nice hello and stop looking. This would probably get them to try hard to figure you out.instead of you figure them out. try it and let me know how it goes. Good Luck =)

    • This was a game. I wasn't planning on talking to anyone, just playing around with eye contact.

  • IT was just a little game (haha maybe tyhey were doing the same thing jk) but honestly no if a guy I didn't know at all just stared at me I would be a little creeped out, but if it was a koi thing it would definitly turn me on. I would not just walk up to them though I would make it a little routine flirty thing before I said anything like what your talking about but that's just me I am a pretty confidentd girl though so I don't know I hope I helped


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