What vibe you get when you see a girl with beautiful straight hair and when you see a girl with gorgeous curls?

I was thinking about how image plays up in personal branding and how people perceive others.
I'm a curly girl, when my hair's natural I notice people treat me differently than when I'm "sleek" haired.
Its a nice social experiment. What are your thoughts on this: a girl wearing her hair sleek and curly?


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  • I'm corrupt... I always am tempted to pinch the behind of girls with long straight hair, since it reaches down to there.

    Girls with curls, I'm tempted to start a conversation, cold, without knowing her, even though usually the girl will think that's too aggressive.

    • Interesting, you're saying sleek hair's perceived sexual and curly hair's friendly?

    • Yes, long sleek hair, I think it's a little provocative, while curls are not. They can of course be attractive, even very attractive, but aren't generally seen as provocative... maybe it's the swishing motion of the long hair down the back that causes that effect!

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think anything specific if someone has straight hair because it's common and I see it all the time. If she has unusally beautiful or thick (straight) hair I'll probably notice it though and think "her hair looks really nice". When I see someone with curly hair that's dry, damaged or thin I don't think I notice but it, and at least don't think anything special. However if the hair is healthy and thick I often think "I also wish I had curly hair like that".


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  • I prefer women with curly/frizzy hair, it's so cool. I find straight hair boring.


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  • I just know if a cute guy has long curly hair I love it! It makes me think he may be kind of wild. My hair is naturally wavy and I think its prettier when I curl it.