Want some style tips from women on clothing?

Most clothing doesn't fit me right. With my measurements most clothing looks awkward on me. So as a result I buy fitness attire that specifically designed to fit my build. I signed up with this program in which I'll have a stylist pick out my clothes and find clothes that fit within my measurements saving me the trouble. This lady is going to be calling me later and she told me to get some pictures as to what I had in mind.
Want some style tips from women on clothing?

^^ Obviously not wearing a scarf on this one but jacket/shirt/shoes/pants I like.

Not into that feminine fashion bullshit like cardigans but definitely upgrading. Most of the stuff I'll be getting is about on the same quality price range of Ben Sherman.. no Dulce and Gabanna. I'm investing a decent amount of coin though. Any suggestions?


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  • The last look is going to suit you the best, 3 button henleys and Vneck sweaters/tshirts (high v-neck) will accomodate your upper body. Or go with a polo shirt.

    Make sure you pick stuff that is fitted at the waist because that's where i suspect everything looks odd on you - the size you need for your chest is not the one you need for your waist. Make sure its not too tight, you want to show off but not look like a try-hard, especially the sleeves.

    Dark slim Jeans and Chelsea/Chukka boots

    You're in SoCal right? So you don't need to worry too much about big coats and stuff.

    • Go with wayfarers for sunglasses if you don't already, they make everyone look good lol.

    • Good advice. It's mostly my V. Polos don't look good on guys with small waist and I have about a 29 in waist. I'm in norcal now for university by the way. Colder up here.

    • 29 waist so quite a V then. This is probably the best overall cool weather look, without looking too European for your taste lol.
      That's a field jacket, it's loose so you can fill it out without looking silly. Other options are bombers and leather (always good but expensive).

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  • it's cool but you also don't want to come off too hipster. At this stage in the hipster movement it comes off as lacking a little confidence. look at G-easy's style. sometimes he looks like a metrosexual asshole, but the majority of the time he looks like a badass

    • Yeah I was cringing hard at some of the stuff I found online looking lol

    • Yeah, that main thing is to never come off as adhering to a specific style. Do what you wanna do, but make sure it doesn't seem too much like something you don't want to be associated with haha

  • Don't wear skinny jeans unless you're super skinny and tall. Get you clothes at Walmart, sweaters at thrift stores, don't wear jeans, dress slacks, dicky canvas work pants gray and brown. Lots of v-necks, anything with buttons etc

  • Wear a clown costume going around giving people hugh.

    Most awesome feeling ever.

    While high