Vintage plaid shirts Vs Topman/asos plaid shirts?

I like wearing plaid shirts. I think vintage plaid shirts look much nicer than your typical fashion shops e. g Topman, Asos etc while also being cheaper. I'm wondering what you guys think!

--Vintage/retro shop-- (First one = £22, Second one= £24)

-Topman/Asos-- (First one = £30, Second one = £45)

  • Vintage/retro version looks better
  • Topman version looks better
  • I'm not a fan of that type of clothing on myself or on others
  • Other (explain in comments if you wish)
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I bought this recently let me know what you think:


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  • I liked the first, hated the second and couldn't open the other two.


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  • The green on the vintage does not look appealing to me at all. I prefer the simple black and red design on the Topman the most plus it looks like it's better quality judging by the opacity of the bottom of the vintage pic. Plus, i'm wearing red plaid right now. :)

    • I will return the green one. I wasn't too sure about it (someone else said the same thing). Yeah i see what you mean about the red... i much prefer the style of it... i will have to see how it looks on me (still arriving in the post... free returns which is great).

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