My skin and teeth are my biggest insecurities. I know I'm a beautiful girl, but I feel like these insecurities are fixable. Any suggestions?

My skin is not that pimply, but the pores are always clogged when I look close up in a mirror. It's also really dry. I have bad skin history (I was on Accutane twice in earlier 20's). Also insecure about laugh lines. I feel like regular facials and appts at the dermatologist office woukd make me feel better. I would consider fillers for my laugh lines. :/

As far as my teeth, they are really buck. I have an overbite. My retainers only help temporarily but I really want Invisalign. Does Invisalign help overbites though? It would at least help my two front teeth that stick further out than my other teeth be aligned more. So insecure, It's a terrible thing to hate smiling. I think I should also get them whitened. Not so much, just a little so its not obnoxious.

All these things are so expensive though. Need to get a job and save money. On top of rent and everything else haha.


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  • I think you're just way too hard on yourself. The insecurities that you've mentioned would probably go unnoticed by most people. Like they say, "you are your own toughest critic." I think this may be the case for you. Everyone has something about themselves that they're insecure about. It's all about maximizing your best features.

  • Oooooohhhhhh


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