"Meat on the bones"?

Hi! So, I would usually never do this, but I need to know. I lurk around here, and whenever some girl mentions something about weight, a lot of guys say something like: "I like a girl with meat on her bones". I've always been so confused with this. I know the all skin and bones girls, and I also know the really-skinny-but-not-too-skinny girls, and then gradually getting bigger. I DO NOT like putting my picture up, yet I don't want to put up a friends. So, would I be that "meat on her bones" girl, or a little heavier? Please, be honest. I handle criticism well. haha

(Sorry about the small picture!)



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  • Your photo is too small for me to really tell.

    What a guys likes varies from guy to guy but generally speaking our point is that guys usually have a far less restrictive idea of what fat means than women do.


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  • I don't know if I would classify you as a girl with meat on her bones but I do think that you have a nice body from the picture.

  • I'd call that skinny.

  • You look like the type of girl most teenage boys would be really into.

    • Amazingly, to me, it seems like the exact opposite.. Maybe it's just my personality , I don't know.. bleh . haha

      But thank you! ^_^

  • From the looks of it you're neitherr. You seem to be athletic.

    • Really? I mean, I have dance class daily, but compared to other girls my age/height, I'm in the slightly heavier category...

    • And thank you, by the way :)

    • I agree with this, plus you're probably heavier because you have more lean tissue (ie. muscle)

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