A glance, then look away?

I know this question has been asked a million times by other guys but I still don't get it.

Walking around on my college campus either going to/from class, going to get something to eat or running a quick errand I notice girls I walk by or I see in the distance would glance at me for 2 sometimes 3 seconds and then look away, either to the side or look at the ground.

Does this mean anything? Are they interested but shy? Are they intimated? Do they think I'm scary or come off as creepy? Honestly, its just weird and makes me feel a little awkward because earlier today I counted 5 girls that glanced at me then looked away.


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  • Either they are interested but shy or they don't wanna stare too long and make you think they are creepy

  • most likely they think your cute but there shy


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