Imagine we had 2003 right now. How would you view this guy if he went out like that?

Imagine we had 2003 right now. How would you view this guy if he went out like that?
This beard/shaved on the sides looks really really tacky and I can't believe how so many men adopted it.

In 2003 (or any year from the 00s,90s,80s, etc, I just said 2003 as an example) you would be treated equally like someone who went out dressed like a pirate. But nowadays it's considered... normal!

Anyway, why so many guys have adopted this tacky look?


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  • Because it looks nice. People wear what they want and cut their hair the way they want because they want to and can. If you focus on what other people like too much, you miss out on your own happiness.

    And what's wrong with looking like a pirate, matey? I awta make ye walk the plank! Yarrgh!!!

    • But man, even the 80s mullets and the 90s bowlcuts look way more normal than this.

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    • Oh I forgot to mention the NOSE PIERCING. If you like this then... you had too much of the 10s. Sorry.

    • It's like you don't even have anything to validate your opinions. You're just kidding just 'cuz. :/

  • Agreed. I hate the look myself. But i don't have to wear it, and don't have to see my boyfriend wearing it so I don't care.


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  • That guy looks hot.

    • Believe it or not he might be like a decade younger than you... most guys who adopt this look are usually...18-25. Crazy right?

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    • Sexy that they look older? Gosh.

    • Put together. Plus, I've always liked beards. They weren't uncommon where I'm from (rural area) in any decade.

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