I can't get a boyfriend.

I am not bad looking, not being vain in anyway. I am very funny. I like this guy a lot and he used to like me, but I asked him the other day to go with me, and he said I don't like you as much as you like me. How do I sort of get on his good side again, without looking like a whore slut?


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  • I have to agree with the guy below me sorry. I have had a chick who I really didn't like as much as she liked me and she was always pushing her self onto me and that made me like her less. Let it happen like he said

  • Back off. He can sense your desperation. The more you push yourself on someone the less they are going to like you. Just relax and let things happen naturally. Forced relationships never last.

    • Ive been doing that for a while, and thank u. we get along really well as friends...nm else just friends.

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