What are guys automatically attracted to?

Maybe you men out there can help a girl out. I've tried everything I can to be appealing to men but none of it's been working. When you see a girl what are you automatically attracted to? What's the first thing to catch your eye. Please be as honest as possible.


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  • Obviously there's a lot more to a relationship than just looks, but if you're just going for is initial attraction than It's pretty simple. There's lots of things that catch my eye about a girl, but if I'm being honest the first thing I notice is probably her eyes, smile, and breasts. Some eyeliner and shadow can make your eyes look real nice but don't overdo it. Obviously you want to brush your teeth a lot to get a white smile, and maybe practice in the mirror. And lastly, there's not much you can do about your chest except for wearing a pushup bra, so you kind of just have to roll with what you've got. Wearing a V-neck makes it a lot more noticeable. Hope I helped.

    • Thanks it did and I know there's a lot more to a relationship but I was wondering about the initial attraction just out of curiosity.

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  • he is right the eyes smile and chest are the main 3 ... eye liner does help but most guys actual don't like makeup so you don't want to over do it. also wear complementary colors to your eyes ... like if you have blue eyes wear an orange shirts and matching head band ... being honest push up bra is a yes with a V neck and wear skinny jeans that show your ass if you have one.


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