What type of body do girls like guys to have?

Do you prefer the more muscle bond guys or toned or

skinny or what body type. Also how tall do you like a guy to be.


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  • I personally prefer toned, muscles, and tall. Think soccer players and that's what you'll get. I have a friend though that likes guys lanky. I have another friend who likes big guys. I have one friend who won't date guys over 6'0...starting to see my point, there is no preferred type


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  • i personally like guys with an athletic body like soccer players for example from madrid soccer player fernando torres [HOT]

  • the perfect body is a guy that's tall athletic and really muscular and toned

    like football player, ufc fighters, mma fighters, some boxers and basketball players..and soccer players are shaped up nice too.

    i prefer 6'1+ because I'm 5'8 and like to wear heels sometimes


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