No-fail flirting tips?

He sits across the room and goes out of his way to stare and talk and be near me. Everyone thinks were into each other but I think I hide it from him a little too well making him doubt I like him what can I do?

Btw--he likes the hard to get style and that's what I do like be available but then leaving quickly and making him want more talk time haha. I am outgoing flirty and bubbly. Thanks


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  • No-fail flirting tips? Shove him in a big sack, tie it up and drag it home!

    If that doesn't float your boat then the possibility of failure, even if remote, is always there. If you're sure he likes hard to get then keep with it. If it's working, don't change it.

  • Remmeber its hard to get, not never gonna get it! lol don't tease to much, and just smile laugh, show him your individual attention at times...


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