Which one should I get on Monday?

So, my sister decided to bribe me with $20 for doing a favour for her and she is paying me on Monday. So I decided to use that and buy a new sweatshirt because I need new ones right now (I gained a few pounds sooo). Which one of these should I get?
The first one: https://us.shein.com/Grey-Ombre-Drop-Shoulder-Sweatshirt-p-318860-cat-1773.html
The second one: https://us.shein.com/Black-Zipper-V-Neck-Plain-Sweatshirt-p-251240-cat-1773.html
The third one: https://us.shein.com/Burgundy-Drop-Shoulder-Sweatshirt-With-Varsity-Stripe-Detail-p-318409-cat-1773.html
  • The first sweatshirt
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  • The second sweatshirt
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  • The third sweatshirt
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  • None of the above. You could have used that money to go towards your Dads Birthday gift. If you have gained a few pounds then the present I suggested could also have been used by you.

    I know you are only 16 and at that age, I would have done exactly the same so I must remember that!

    • Hmm, I guess you're right... I should be more considerate.
      Also, I'm actually really happy that I'm FINALLY gaining weight xD I have been naturally underweight my whole life and HATED it. My BMI is steadily going up.

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    • Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I showed this to my sister (the one who is buying the gift) and she said no...
      So after disagreeing on a LOT of things, we decided to give him cufflinks and a tie clip set to go with one of his few suits lol. (It was her idea... plus it's her money).
      This is the design of them. Hopefully he would like it:

    • It looks good and I'm sure he will like it.

      Maybe you can get him the other thing at a different time. My entire fitness journey began after I was bought a plastic dumbbell set by a family member. Previously I had no interest in fitness at all. Now over 10 years later, I'm still doing it and helping others too.

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  • The second one is more of a blouse I think, but it looks by far the best :)


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  • Second or third one

  • number 2

  • The grey ombre one

  • The second !!!

  • I prefer the 2nd.


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