What does it mean when guys look at you?

I've noticed with a lot of guys I like that they end up looking at me in class. and I don't mean just glancing I mean seriously LOOKING. does this mean that the guy likes you? what's going through his head? and what about when you pass them in the hall and they look at you?


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  • A look is a sign of noticing someone or something

    A deep look (like what he did) is paying attention the person/thing he noticed due to his interest.

    So yes, he may be interested.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Hey, I'm a direct jerk. I don't screw around with analyzations. The guys think she's attractive with the way she said it. They had eye-sex with her, picturing her naked. You've done the same thing too, plenty of times to girls. And if you're the one who disagreed with me, then you suck.

    • Righttt... I completely suck. Good-bye

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  • They're attracted to you, physically. They think you're cute.

    • That's a surely definite answer; how do you know it wasn't something she said; or maybe a way she tossed her hair?

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