Do any of you guys really like makeup on a girl?

i mean do you like makeup on girls if so what kind, I've asked questions awhile back on if any of you guys like makeup on girls and some of you said if they apply it right, now how do you mean apply it right.

what makeup do you like on a girl if any.

the reason I'm asking is I really don't like makeup on girls, I like natural look of a girl, I mean the only kind of makeup I could really deal with if any would be something that just looks natural and not see able like foundation or maybe a bit of light blusher but that's it.

i prefer natural look much more as do most guys but here's my question to you guys, do you like makeup on girls or don't you, if you do or as you say "apply it right" what kind do you like on a girl and what part p*sses you off that you don't like on a girl, like what bothers you?


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  • My answer is going to be way off the wall but hear me out on this...

    I am not a fan of girls that wear excessive make up (Lots of mascera, eyeliner, outlandish lipsticks, and abstract blushes, etc.), and my reason is because they look "deceased" to me. Now I'm am a Mortician and owns a funeral home, and I deal with some cosmetics from time to time too. Because of the nature of my job, I will only go for girls that do not wear makeup. Not only that eliminates about 90% of the female population that are considered "fake", it makes my life easier because I can see which women out in the world are truly pretty, I don't have to worry about the taste of makeup when I kiss a girl on the cheek (have you kissed a girl with too much cover girl makeup on...gross!), and finally it doesn't remind me of BS at my workplace.

    I'll get flamed for what I said though...but oh well.

    • Mate thank you, I agree with you 100% completly, I'm right there with you, I hate makeup, I prefer the natural look, the last girl I kiss was natural (no makeup) mmmm

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  • yes but in the in the right amount, I do like the natural look but a small amount of make up does not hurt, like a bit of lip stick is really awsome

    • Ok say your right, to me I don't like lipstick but in your mind what kind of lipstick do you like and why

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    • Oh ok well it kind of shows of the lips and makes me want to kiss them

    • Make me put off by it