How much would my clothes sell at Plato's closet?

I have old clothes from that range from like 2009-2013, that don't fit me anymore, and some I only wore like once. The nearest Plato's Closet is 42 minutes away. None of the clothes are stained or have holes in them or tears. Some of them look worn and old but thats because they are from 2009-2010.
Here's what I have:
A black and pink Aeropostale skater girl type hoodie (looks worn)
A dark blue with rainbow on the sleeves graffiti Aeropostale Hoodie (looks worn)
Black leather snake skin Rock and Republic jeans (barely wore)
Light blue with rhinestone Rock and Republic jeans (never wore)
2 Aeropostale T shirts (looks worn)
Juicy Couture pink track suit (looks new, worn a couple times)
Juicy Couture black yoga pants (looks new, worn once)
VS Pink sweatshirt (red) (never wore)
VS Pink long sleeve shirt that ties on the bottom (purple and white) (looks worn)
Aeropostale checkered blue and white shorts (looks worn, wore these multiple times a week in 6th/7th grade)
dark jeans that are low rise Levi's (never wore)
Dark blue Hollister hoodie (looks new, barely wore)
Grey Hollister Hoodie (looks new, barely wore)
Light Grey Abercrombie hoodie (never worn)
Grey Abercrombie sweatpants (never worn)

The Aeropostale clothes are the oldest of the bunch



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  • I don't think your clothes will sell for more than $30 at most. I'm assuming the Aeropostale clothes are from 2009-2010, those will probably sell for like $1 or $2. The rock and republic jeans, they will probably only take the rhinestone ones and you may get like $5 for them. The Aeropostale shirts you may get like $0.50 to a dollar for. The track suit I would keep, those are expensive and they will probably only give you $5-$10 for it. Same with the Victoria Secret sweatshirts. The Levi's you might get $5 for. You may get $10 for Hollister hoodies and $5 for Abercrombie. If you really do not want those clothes you can give them to GoodWill, you won't get any money, but they help people in need of clothing.


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