Fading black semi permanent hair dye?

My hair naturally is a dark brown and I had some lighter highlights in it around the ends as I used to have an ombre but dyed over dark brown, this morning i decided I wanted it even darker so dyed it with a black semi permanent from casting Creme gloss by loreal Paris. It's gone a very dark bluey black and I hate it, how long is it going to take to fade back? Or is there any way I can help to fade it back to brown? Thanks


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  • Hmm, I've recently started using semi-permanent hair dyes again, last month was pink, this week is blue :P In my experience, those lasted roughly two weeks and I generally wash my hair every other day, so that's 8 washes, if I'm doing the maths correctly :P Obviously, depending on how much bleach you used, it could stay longer, and black and I expect that black will last longer than pink... So, just from my experience, I'd say that it'll be like at least two weeks before it washes out? Cool water tends to make the dye last longer so I suppose use warm water to wash your hair and mine doesn't come out when my hair is just wet, but it does when I use shampoo and conditioner, so I would probably use a lot. The more you wash it, the faster it'll come out.

    • Thank you so much, that makes sense actually that hot water does help, good job I always have hot showers haha, I wash mine every two days too so fingers crossed

  • Clarifying shampoos help sometimes, because they're stripping. Some people actually use dish soap for this too, because that is very stripping, can be very drying though so if you try it be sure to use a good conditioner after.


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